About Shannon Barnes

For the last 20 years, since I first studied massage therapy in Maine and furthered my craft while traveling in East Asia, I have mastered my own style with blends from both western and eastern roots. There are a lot of skilled therapists here in Maine that I have worked with over the years. In that time while working with other therapists, I came to realize that a big part of giving a great massage begins before it even starts. Communicating with each client and becoming fully aware of the sensitivity of their body is what sets apart an average massage from a life changing massage.

Whether it’s a simple massage purely for pleasure or a sports massage for healing, I like seeing my clients walk away happy and satisfied. Our bodies are always changing, therefore a massage on our first session may be very different from a session in the future, depending on the changes I see. I always go into a session with the intent to make you feel better physically but also mentally. My bubbly personality keeps sessions light and stress free and my firm hands take out the tension from your body.


Shannon Barnes
Phone: (207) 401-6633
Email: shannon@massageportlandmaine.com