Back Massage

Full of large nerve endings and muscles prone to tightness, the back is one of the areas in our bodies that needs the most care and maintenance. Our back is the largest posterior area of the human body and houses one of our most important and delicate features—our spines. Back pain affects millions of people and is the second most common type of pain in adults, and the American Chiropractic Association Estimates that eight out of every ten people become overwhelmed with back pain at some point in their lives.

One of the most dynamic and relaxing ways to infuse life back into a tired, sore back is a back massage from a skilled therapist. A back massage will help to relieve upper and lower back pain caused by workouts, repetitive motion, sitting at your desk all day, or other stresses life throws at our bodies. With a specialized back massage, we’ll rub away pain and tension caused by stiff and overworked muscles, loosening knots and adhesions and promoting blood flow, circulation, and better range of motion. A back massage will further nurture your body by remediating muscle spasms and working to restore joints and muscles to their once-limber selves, giving you more comfort and flexibility.


30 Minutes ($45) | 60 Minutes ($90) | 90 Minutes ($135) | 120 Minutes ($180)

A back massage extends farther than the back, though, and can help to soothe and rebuild repetitive motion or immobility caused by neck and shoulder pain. A back massage is also an effective remedy in helping to reduce pain from the occasional or frequent migraines, and will help promote better posture.

Those that suffer from infrequent or chronic back pain can find much relief with a back massage. Whether your pain is caused by limited mobility, nerve compression leading to spasms and cramps, or structural differences, we’ll help to reinstate your back to better working order.