Deep Tissue Massage

Our overworked bodies need a lot of attention—often, much more than the time we set aside for daily restoration. But a powerful tool that reaches deep into areas yearning for revival can help—an invigorating deep tissue massage.

Our massage therapists are expertly trained to deliver maximum healing results via a deep tissue massage. Since a deep tissue massage targets connective tissue, a supporting foundation for our bones, muscles, nerves, and joints, it penetrates deeper than classic routes like a Swedish massage, mending areas giving you extra difficulty. The deep-rooted tendons and fascia are especially essential to reach as they act as the link that fosters wellness and movement.

At the start of the massage, high-intensity pressure and long, deliberate strokes begin to release knots, adhesions, and deep muscle tension, stretching the fascia and tendons. Throughout the massage, your therapist works with you to bolster and loosen your areas of intent, all the while correcting postural deviances and soothing tense muscles throughout your entire body. A deep tissue massage works wonders for promoting circulation throughout the body, dispelling metabolic waste and aiding our lymphatic system in the production of lymph to combat disease and transport infection-fighting white blood cells.


30 Minutes ($75) | 60 Minutes ($150) | 90 Minutes ($225) | 120 Minutes ($300)

Many athletes make deep tissue massages a vital part of their reconditioning regimen, and those with chronic pain or injuries find that a deep tissue massage will help accelerate their healing. It’s one of the more effective routes for improving circulation, and the mixture of chemicals released during a deep tissue massage can lift depression and will brighten one’s overall mood.

A deep tissue massage can feel intense at times, but your massage therapist will work with you through your deep tissue massage to adapt to your desired intensity. Many patients tend to find deep tissue massages especially relaxing—some even fall asleep. It entirely depends on the individual, but we know that most everyone can benefit from the restorative health benefits of a deep tissue massage.