Foot Massage

Our feet were meant for walking, and they sure do—a lot. The average person walks 7,000 steps per day, and with the feet containing over 25 percent of the bones and 20 to 25 percent of the total joints in our body, it’s a wonder that we don’t spend enough time tending to our overworked feet.

Whether you’re walking around a grocery store or sprinting through a 12-hour night shift, your feet could use some healing via a therapeutic foot massage. Foot massage and reflexology is an ancient practice dating back to traditional Chinese medicine, where it is believed that the feet are the gateways of health to other body organs. By targeting distinct areas of the feet, it’s said that a foot massage can help to drive away conditions caused by organs, cancers, the brain, the eyes, and more.


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A foot massage is an excellent aid to injury prevention and mitigation, helping to strengthen the ankle and foot to avoid unpleasant injuries that could otherwise tether us to our couches. Circulation in our feet is often impaired by ill-fitting shoes, and a foot massage can help to get blood flowing, which can be especially beneficial for diabetics. It will further help with joint pain and can help to speed up recovery and scale down muscle soreness after an injury, and women that are pregnant love foot massages as it helps to ease swollen legs and feet.

Universities have partnered up with beliefs from Chinese medicine, conducting studies that show that foot massage and reflexology is complementary to treatments for ailments such as diabetes, stress, cancer, headaches, and more. A foot massage is furthermore an incredibly relaxing endeavor, rubbing away anxiety and stress and leaving you feeling refreshed.