Full Body Massage

Our bodies are mentally and physically drained on a daily bases, and much of life’s tensions is absorbed into our muscles, bones, and minds. But a full body massage is the ideal ticket to soothing strain and clearing out metabolic waste, toxins, and solemn moods like anxiety and depression. Getting a full body massage is the answer to rejuvenation and melting the stress away.

The benefits of a full-body massage extend beyond the physical spectrum and have a compelling impact on one’s mental wellbeing. Through many massage modalities—such as a Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, or a sports massage—a full body massage can help to stimulate circulation through the entire body, oxygenating the blood and boosting the body’s own immune response, helping to fight disease and free radicals. A full body massage further acts as a nervous system relaxant, helping to produce “feel good” chemicals such as serotonin and endorphins.


30 Minutes ($45) | 60 Minutes ($90) | 90 Minutes ($135) | 120 Minutes ($180)

Our expert therapists will knead away chronic pain conditions, loosening tightness associated with leg pains and muscle spasms and pulling back structural pressure on pinched nerves. Strokes along the back, legs, arms, shoulders, and neck can help to relieve migraine pain and improve digestion and immune system function, boosting circulation and enhancing alertness. The oxygenation helps to oil the gears of the lymphatic system, which is one of the most important attributes in our body in regards to getting rid of waste and a buildup of toxins in our systems.

Our therapists’ healing hands work with your body to deliver the results you’re looking for. Whether you desire a relaxing full body massage or one that targets special areas of concern, our massage therapists will tailor a full body massage that suits your mental and physical needs.