Neck Massage

No one enjoys a pain in the neck, but our necks have had to adapt to a strange new way of living, contracted to stare at computer screens for hours per day or arched down while we scroll through feeds on our smartphones. Simply put, our necks are in a constant state of tensity, and our specially formulated neck massage can ease your achy neck.

Neck pain caused by trauma, excessive computer use, bad posture, and more can reduce blood flow from carotid arteries in the neck vertebrae that supply blood to vital areas of the brain, creating fatigue, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, and a poorly functioning immune system. The brain is suspended in a liquid substance called cerebrospinal fluid, which oxygenates the brain, and tightness of neck muscles reduce the circulation of CSF, causing poor concentration, memory loss, and fatigue.


30 Minutes ($30) | 60 Minutes ($60) | 90 Minutes (Inquire) | 120 Minutes (Inquire)

Our neck massage promotes blood flow through the carotid arteries, supplying much-needed nutrients to the brain, neck, and face, and relieves stiffness in the neck, improving the brain’s neural functions. With the use of acupressure, mobilizations, and skin rolling, lactic acid built up over time from muscles forced to contract over long periods in erect positions become loosened and flexible, aiding range of motion and mollifying stiffness. Through our neck massage, tense muscle fibers that are in a constant state of contraction are warmed up and slowly released using mindful undulations, encouraging muscle relaxation and increased tissue elasticity.

Neck pain can be one of the more daunting feelings, preventing you from walking out the door, participating in fun activities, or making working on the computer especially painful. Our neck massage can help with chronic neck pain and stiffness and can benefit those recovering from neck injuries, delivering the body’s own healing nutrients to the affected area.