Sports Massage

Athletes feel lousy and out of order when their bodies aren’t working at peak performance—but a mindfully-tailored sports massage can act as a preventative healing tool and a potent instrument for repair.

Sports massages were developed to keep athletes feeling and functioning their best, helping them to recover after sporting events, perform comfortably while training, or heal quickly after sustaining injuries. Repetitive motion for runners, cyclists, weightlifters, and more will strengthen the body but can strain specific muscles, making athletes prone to injury. Athletes that use a narrower range of muscles in their sport frequently feel tight, sore muscles—especially when they aren’t engaging in adequate cross training or healing methods such as massage therapy.


30 Minutes ($60) | 60 Minutes ($120) | 90 Minutes ($180) | 120 Minutes ($240)

A sports massage works differently than a typical massage and involves a deep dive into soft tissue like skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia—bands of connective tissue beneath the skin that stabilize and separate muscles and internal organs. A sports massage is specially designed to improve deviations in the soft tissue caused by repetitive motion and taxing physical activity. Trauma to the muscles via athletic activity can be reconditioned via a sports massage, which when utilized prior to and after exercise, can prevent injury, enhance performance, and will aid in swift recovery.

Sports massages are a specialized area of massage therapy that require expertise from well-trained massage therapists. Our master therapists will work to bring relief back to strained muscles while improving circulation and range of motion throughout your entire body.

While a sports massage was developed for athletes in mind, you don’t need to be a professional athlete to benefit from a sports massage. People with chronic pain, injuries, or restricted range of motion benefit greatly from our sports massages, and our therapists can work to balance and align your body with a personalized sports massage.