Therapeutic Massage

We all aim to have a good quality of life, but our bodies can wither and internal systems fall out of place, hindering our ability to live our best lives. When things don’t feel right, it’s necessary to restore order and harmonize our bodies, so we can do all we are meant to do. Enter, therapeutic massage.

All massages are meant to be therapeutic, but a therapeutic massage takes mindful healing one step farther. When opting for a therapeutic massage, you’re beginning a journey with your massage therapist with the shared intent of producing structural changes within your body. While some massages focus on relaxation, therapeutic massages are often performed in a series until specific goals are met.


30 Minutes ($45) | 60 Minutes ($90) | 90 Minutes ($135) | 120 Minutes ($180)

Therapeutic massage is a highly specialized area of massage therapy that should only be carried out by specially-trained professionals. We take a multi-pronged approach that involves an initial assessment and evaluation, a treatment plan, performing the massage therapy, and evaluation of the outcomes. Each patient has an individualized action plan customized for their problem areas.

When engaging in this modality, our masseuses are aiming to gently shift fundamental structures in the body—ones that are causing you pain, tension, pressure, and restriction. This is done through a mixture of advanced modalities with effective pressure to restore the body to its natural functions.

A therapeutic massage is often used in athletic recovery and rehabilitation, working to speed up muscle functions and promoting circulation into injured or weak muscles. It’s also effective healing for post-operative care, helping to reduce pain and stiffness associated with bedrest and reducing overall recovery periods by boosting immune responses. But a therapeutic massage can be helpful for anyone experiencing any pain, discomfort, swelling, strains, or any form of disorder, and will help to bring your body back into equilibrium.